Here's Looking At You, Kid!

  • Casablanca Returns to the Big Screen for its 50th Anniversary

    March 21, 2012

    Posted By: Joey Panek

    No one loves to throw around movie quotes like yours truly.  In fact, I've been known to work a good classic movie line into everyday conversation.  But when it comes to quotable movies, many say that Casablanca takes home the prize.  


    I know.  I was a skeptic too.  Until a few years ago when I finally rented the classic film.  It was shocking to hear how many classic lines from pop culture were born from this film.  It was as if someone formed a movie from all of these familiar phrases I'd heard since I was a kid.  



    But au contrare...  the lines were familiar to me because the movie was such a classic.

    I finally broke down and put the black-and-white film in my Netflix queue about four years ago.   I was pretty familiar with the fact that Humphrey Bogart utters "Here's looking at you, kid."  And I knew that the leading lady Ingrid Bergman looked just like Isabella Rosselini.  Well, obviously.  Isabella is Ingrid's daughter.  And I remembered a scene between the two that took place with an airplane in the distance, because that was what they recreated on the Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


    (Great Movie Ride)


    But watching the film on my laptop while laying on my bed, I just kept asking myself the same question.  Why hadn't I seen this movie before??   I mean, it has all the makings of a great movie:  romance, gangsters, jilted love, espionage.    It really is one of those movies you have to see before you die. 



    Well luckily, you don't have to lay on your bed with your laptop to catch it.  Casablanca is being re-released in movie theaters for one night only on Wednesday, Mar. 21.  This is a rare opportunity to see the film as it was meant to be seen... on the big screen.



    The event will begin with Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne taking audiences behind the scenes of this epic love story in a special original production showcasing stories from those who were on set and those who simply admire this timeless classic.


    Check participating theaters' locations and times HERE.  


    Besides, you've got to love this song that the movie made famous.


    (And notice one of the most popular misquotes from the film.  They actually never say "Play it again, Sam.")

    ---Joey Panek

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