Dolly Does Chris Brown???

  • Wherever Would You Find This Pairing Except Hollywood?

    September 25, 2011

    Posted By: Joey Panek

    I don't think I talk to you all about movies near enough.  Not sure what is it about this one that grabs me.  

    Maybe it's the fact that Dolly Parton hasn't appeared onscreen in a feature film since 1992's Straight Talk. (Not gonna lie. Saw it. Loved it. Bought the DVD.)

    Maybe it's the fact that I love the Odd Couple-style pairing of Ms. Parton and Queen Latifah.
    Maybe it's the fact that Jeremy Jordan (who recently starred in Asolo Repertory Theatre's production of Bonnie & Clyde before bringing it to Broadway this fall) is going to make a handsome debut in this film.
    Or maybe it's the fact that I love a good choir-makeover movie.

    But I truly think the clincher is Dolly covering Chris Brown's "Forever" in the preview trailer.

    Now I don't profess that this is going to be the Movie of the Year anymore than I would predict Glee would win a Pulitzer.  But when it comes to box office cotton candy, especially for a (young) "old drama queen" like myself, this is the type of movie that makes me (and teenage girls) run to the theater and sends straight men running away from the theater.

    Check out the trailer for yourself and tell me what you think.

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