So Long, Kristen Wiig

  • A Love Letter to SNL's Funny Lady

    May 25, 2012

    Posted By: Joey Panek


    If you're like me (and at this point I just assume you are), you were saddened by last weekend's news.  No, I'm not talking about JP Morgan's dastardly trading acts or the possibility of shutting down events in Five Points Park.  I'm talking about Kristen Wiig leaving Saturday Night Live.



    My love affair with Kristen has been going on since 2007 when her few scenes in Knocked Up stole the whole movie for me.  When I caught her cameo as the passive aggressive studio exec, I knew it was love at first sight.




    She was so dry and subtle, the exact kind of humor that I idolize.  I set out on a quest to find out more about my new muse.

    Imagine my surprise to find out that I'd seen her in a season of The Joe Schmo Show, that trainwreck of a reality show designed to mimic Big Brother, except there is only one real contestant.  All the others are actors who are "in" on the joke.   Watch Kristen as "Dr. Pat".  (Do yourself a favor and skip to about 8:45.)



    If only I'd known she was going to be my TV comedienne girlfriend, I'd have invested in Joe Schmo a little more.  Or not.  

    Anyway... I found her again as a regular on Saturday Night Live, and I must say that I loved every appearance she made.   Seriously.  Even the skits that diehard fans shunned.  I watched her every move with delight and belly laughs.

    It is with great pleasure that I relive some of my favorite characters and moments.  Relax.  Pour a glass of something.  And prepare to spill it through your nose.


    The Lawrence Welk Show

    I'm not sure what her character's name actually is.  Scouring the internet, I come up with Judice, Doonice, Junice.  My circle of friends have always referred to her as "The Small-Handed Sister."  Regardless, this character made us laugh from Day One.

    Surprise Party Sue

    I'm sorry, people.  Correct me if I'm wrong but with the birth of this character, Kristen reclaimed the phrase "Oh my God!"

    "Don't Make Me Sing"

    Her character as the demonstrative actress is the ultimate in self-centered performer types.  I've known a few.  She's dead on.

    Vacation Giveaway

    Apparently, enthusiasm is not contagious as her character Cheryl soon discovers as she attempts to happily surprise a lucky yet stoic winner.


    Target Lady

    Or should I say "Turrget Lady"?  We can't quite place the dialect on this character, but who really wants to?  She keeps you laughing so hard, you find yourself hoping that she'll be waiting on you the next time you visit your own neighborhood store.


    Garth and Kat

    As Weekend Update correspondents, they show up promising to sing songs from their new albums, only to prove that they haven't written anything and they're making the songs up on the spot.  The fluffy parted hair.  The matching vests.  The fact that Kristen laughs at least once each appearance.  It all spells hilarity.


    We all have friends that can't help but one-up us, but Penelope truly takes the cake.   We love the fact that Penelope's biggest lies always end up being true.  Watch this one with a special cameo at the end.

    Shelly Elaine

    As Southwest flight attendant, Shelly describes what happened when the top of the airplane cracked.

    Liza Minnelli 

    The pitch for this skit is simple.  Liza Minnelli tries to turn off a lamp.  It would fall flat with any other actress.


    She's like a cross between the comic strip characters of Nancy and Dennis the Menace.  She's dangerous.  She dances funny.  She's Gilly.

    To prove my love for Kristen Wiig and her characters, I even dressed as Gilly one year for Halloween. 

    Now that's a fan!

    It seriously saddens me to think that we won't be seeing her every Saturday night, livening up the sketches.  But it does give me hope that we'll be seeing more of her on the big screen.  


    What has been your favorite Kristen Wiig moment?  Leave it in the comments below.

    -----Joey Panek

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